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  • Inside Studio 26

    Studio 26 is a place where students can discover their voice.

    Our focus is on creating media projects. The process of making videos gives students the opportunity to develop and use so many skills and talents. They think, share, write, design, compose, record, perform, and edit. They have the opportunity to develop organizational, academic, technical, artistic, and social skills in a 21st Century learning studio environment.

    The four Cs of 21st Century learning are



    Critical Thinking

    and Creativity.

    When students are intrinsically driven, technically nurtured, and creatively challenged, they can do great things!

    This video about Studio 26 was featured in our 2018 La Pantera Student Video Festival and Awards Show.

  • Current Projects

    End-of-the-Year Project!

    Media | Advanced Media

    What will you create that really shows your skills? Story? Documentary? Commercial?

    Make a choice and get started!

    STORY - What is the setting? Who are the characters? What is the basic storyline? What is your theme? Will you use a special style? Will you be using any special props? Do you have any sound design ideas?

    DOCUMENTARY - What is your documentary about? What is your message? What will you cover? Why do you want to cover this? Will you use a special style?

    COMMERCIAL - What is your product or service? Who is your audience? What is your message? What will happen? Will you use a special style? Will you need special props?


    More about this project is found in our Google Classroom.


    Below is a link to the project calendar. Time management skills are crucial! All stages are important and take time - Preproduction, Production, and Postproduction.

    Click here for the calendar.


    Your final video is due on June 1, 2022.


  • Resources

    Copyright-Friendly Photos and Images for Classrooms

    Vimeo Video School

    Vimeo Video School

    A blank piece of paper will do, but here is what we use in class.

    Vimeo Video School

    Vimeo Video School

    Vimeo Video School

    Copyright -Friendly Music

    A free audio recorder and editing software

    These are free to use in our student films. Thank you, BBC!

    Vimeo Video School

    Vimeo Video School

    Vimeo Video School

    Vimeo Video School

    Fonts are important!

    Communicate with COLOR!

    Design with these ideas in mind!

    Compelling visuals help you connect with your audience.

  • Check it out!

    News about Studio 26

    Shakey's commercial makers - Ramon Garcia, Darlene Pineda, Marguerite Medina, and Denisse Aranda.

    Studio 26 Filmmakers Pitch and Produce Two Commercials for Shakey's Pizza

    These four have what it takes!

    (left to right) Ramon Garcia, Darlene Pineda, Marguerite Medina, and Denisse Aranda, from the Advanced Media class,
    wrote, pitched, and produced two commercials for the 68-year-old legacy brand, Shakey’s Pizza. The spots are "The Magic Lunchbox" and "Shakey's Daydream". Both commercials are featured on Shakey's social media platforms.







    Lisa Ing and Carissa Lara accepted the Award for Best Silent Film (secondary schools) at the California Student Media Festival.

    Multi-track Recording Studio is Ready for Action!

    Studio 26 Audio Takes a Big Step!

    Our voice-over studio has grown to include the ability to record and produce detailed sound designs and even a new hit song! The studio officially opened in January 2020. Studio 26 creative, Devin Arellano, is working on recording the bass line for music to be used in an upcoming video project.

    Lisa Ing and Carissa Lara accepted the Award for Best Silent Film (secondary schools) at the California Student Media Festival.

    New Furniture, New Vibe

    New (Used) Furniture In Studio 26

    Our new furniture allows for better seating arrangements that promote collaboration in a more creative environment. The new arrangement gives two groups a more comfortable and professional space that seems less distracting, making our young filmmakers more productive. Check out this group from Period 2 in pre-production!

    Commercial for

    La Pantera Student Video Festival and Awards Show 2019,

    now on YouTube!

    La Pantera on May 30th

    La Pantera Student Video Festival and Awards Show 2019!

    Celebrate Studio 26 on May 29th at Slauson's Auditorium (on Angeleno Ave. between 4th and 5th Streets) for our Oscars-style red carpet event!

    Walk the red carpet and snap some photos at our step and repeat starting at 6:15. The show begins at 6:30pm and ends at approximately 8:00pm. Student videos from throughout the year will be featured and awards will be presented. Special guest presenters include media industry professionals to be announced soon.  Check our the Friends of 26 section of this site to see some past presenters! Tickets will be on sale at the door. $5 for adults, $3 for students and children, or $15 per family

    Open Studio Time in Studio 26

    Slauson Media students work after to school to meet deadlines.

    Two or three afternoons per week Studio 26 is made available to media students to work to meet deadlines or make up late work. A schedule of open time is posted each Monday on the whiteboard in the studio. The days and times are subject to change. Many students have taken the opportunity to keep on top of things and enjoy the support and camaraderie in a more open and unstructured environment. 

    What you see here was not staged!

    Students Are Throwing Scissors!

    Projects were on hold for about a week until our air-conditioning was fixed. Meanwhile, scissors were flying!

    After watching Vimeo's "3 Tricks" tutorial, the students tried out the knife-throw edit. Featured is the Period 6 version.


    Camera, Action!

    Excitement fills Studio 26 as the new school year begins!

    'So what' if the campus has construction going on and not everything is working in the studio yet? Creative energy and a collaborative spirit is preparing the artists and technicians in Studio 26 for a exciting year full of possibilities!

    Lisa Ing and Carissa Lara accepted the Award for Best Silent Film (secondary schools) at the California Student Media Festival.

    Studio 26 Filmmakers Recognized in Two California Film Festivals

    LACOE's Digital Voice Awards and the California Student Media Festival

    Bicycles and Backpacks, a silent film written and produced by Lisa Ing, Carissa Lara, Vincent Hoke, Angel Rose Rocha, and David Keener won both a DV Award and a CSMF honor.

    A Piece of Cake, a demonstration of figurative language, written and produced by Taylor Buck and Brandy Valencia was a DV Award winner.

    The Digital Voice Awards were presented at Slauson's La Pantera Awards Show (May 24, 2017) and the California Student Media Festival was held in Zipper Hall at the Colburn School in downtown Los Angeles (June 3, 2017).

  • Friends of 26

    The following media industry professionals have given time to share their experiences and talents to the students in Studio 26. Thank you for supporting our program!

    Collie Coburn

    Audio Editor/Mixer

    Collie is a big part of the beginning of Studio 26! The Coburn brothers (yes, he's Mr. Coburn's brother) grew up supporting each other's creative drive. Collie has shared his professional time and donated equipment that has allowed our media program to grow.

    Eric Tramp

    Camera Operator/


    Our first guest in Media Class (then Studio 19) was Eric Tramp. He has also been a technical/camera adviser to Mr. Coburn. His film credits include The Accountant, Sideways, Blades of Glory, Mission Impossible III, Batman Returns, and Matilda. Currently he is shooting the TV series, Shades of Blue.

    Kim Beyer-Johnson

    Screenwriter / Producer

    Kim. Beyer-Johnson (MTV's Real World, Winnie the Pooh, Nash Bridges) has presented several La Pantera awards and was instrumental to the development of our program with her support of the writing process involved in our projects. Not only was she helpful with our screenwriting efforts, but she arranged to have Bunim Murray Productions donate a couple of computers to our studio.

    John Zachary

    Production Designer / Art Director

    John Zachary has been part of several of our La Pantera shows and has visited our students in class. He shared the creative processes and tools he uses when designing a set. Some of his TV credits include Sleepy Hollow, Salem, Raising Hope, The Middle, and My Name is Earl. His movie credits include Act of Valor and Like Mike.

    Charles Cappleman

    Former Senior Vice President, CBS Television

    It was a huge honor to have Television Academy Hall of Fame member

    Charles Cappleman as a presenter at one of our La Pantera shows. Once the floor director for The Judy Garland Show , he went on to be instrumental to the development of CBS Television City. If you've ever seen a taping of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, you were sitting in "The Charles Cappleman Studio"!

    Jovana Lara

    Reporter and Weekend Anchor for ABC7 News

    When Jovana Lara heard about our Panther Press, she arranged for us to sit in the studio and control room while she anchored the weekend Eyewitness News. Afterwards, she gave us a tour of the newsroom, answered questions and allowed us to take photos. The following year a new group was able to visit. This has been an extremely powerful and inspiring experience for our students.

    Jory Rand

    Reporter and Weekend Anchor for ABC7 News

    Jory Rand is the weekend co-anchor at KABC with Jovana Lara and also is a general assignment reporter. He studied broadcast journalism at the University of Maryland where he also played hockey. On our visits, he has been very encouraging to our students.

    Lita Gardiner

    Director - ABC7 Eyewitness News

    Students were so impressed with Lita when they observed her directing the news live from the multi-screened control room at KABC. After the newscast, she took questions from a very fascinated group.

    Danny Romero

    Weather reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News

    When the Panther Press first visited ABC7, Danny showed the students how he used the green screen and monitors to do the weather reports and had them give it a try.

    Ashley Brewer

    Sports Reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News

    Ashley, a former athlete at USC, took part in a special video-recorded presentation, recognizing our newscasting award winners at La Pantera.

    Eddie Guzelian

    Writer / Producer

    Eddie and his wife, Madellaine Paxson both have presented awards at our La Pantera show. Our students were very familiar with his work. Some of his credits include LoliRock, The Penguins of Madagascar, The Power Rangers R.P.M., Kim Possible, The Little Mermaid 2, and Lilo and Stitch 2.

    Madellaine Paxson

    Writer / Producer / Director

    When Madellaine presented at our La Pantera show, she was impressed with the number of girls involved in our program. She directed and produced the horror film, Blood Punch (written by Eddie Guzelian). Her writing credits include LoliRock, Kuu Kuu Harajuku, Peter Rabbit, and Unfabulous.

    Sara Tramp

    Photographer / Social Media Director

    Sara is a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Digital Media. She is also the daughter of camera operator, Eric Tramp. Sara has graciously been one of our presenters at our La Pantera awards show.

    Kiva Jump

    Actress / Writer / Producer

    Not only is Kiva known for her appearance as a presenter at our La Pantera show, her film and TV credits include, Eliza Sherman's Revenge, Life in Pieces, Trial and Error, Mad Men, The Goldbergs, Fresh Off the Boat, Booked It!, True Blood, Modern Family, and The Middle.

    Ray Woodbury

    President of RK Diversified Entertainment

    Ray's company, RKDE, provides production for music festivals, concert tours, corporate events, and television productions. Some of the people he works with include Gwen Stefani/No Doubt, Lady Gaga, Shakira, and Activision. Ray has been a presenter at our La Pantera awards show.

    Greg Madrigal

    Motion Graphic Designer

    Greg currently works at Matter (matterglobal.com) in San Francisco, CA. He is also the son of Mrs. Gonzalez-Madrigal and a former Slauson student! He has visited Studio 26 and shared some of his work and experience.

    Hai Muradian

    Musician / Songwriter

    Hai currently performs with The Ravelers, Dynamite Dawson, The Fab 8, The Happy Crowd, Michael Ryan and others. His visit to Studio 26 focused on music and working in a creative environment. We also enjoyed a live musical performance!

    Elsy Pochron


    Elsy works as a professional photographer but also happens to be the parent of a Studio 26 student. She has used her talents to document events on campus and her expertise to advise Mr. Coburn on camera purchases.

    Andy Reyes


    Andy is a Daytime Emmy Award winning producer at Entertainment Tonight! He is also a former Slauson student! He was part of Mr. Coburn's 6th grade media elective back in the 90's (before digital) and remembers a field trip to NBC in Burbank.

    Dave Cunningham

    Director / Storyboard Supervisor / Animator

    Dave is a director and storyboard supervisor at Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants. Students were excited to meet one of the creative people resposible for some of their favorite cartoon characters.

    Lisa Schurga

    The Groundlings

    Lisa is a Main Company member of LA's The Groundlings where she acts, sings, dances, does improv, teaches, and is hilarious! Her day as a guest in Studio 26 was so much fun! Lisa has appeared in several television shows including This Is Us and Modern Family.

    Lauren Burns

    The Groundlings

    Lauren is a Main Company member of LA's The Groundlings. She also performs and teaches (and is also hilarious!) She and Lisa got our students doing some improv exercises! She has appeared in several commercials and television shows including This Is Us and 2 Broke Girls.

    Alyson Moore

    Foley Artist

    Alyson Dee Moore is an Emmy Award winning Foley artist at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA. Alyson shared her experience creating sounds for over 300 films with Studio 26. Her visit (via Google Meet) inspired our young filmmakers to use Foley techniques in their videos.

  • Panther Press

    This media class specializes in print media (yearbook) and broadcast journalism. Unfortunately, the Panther Press was not made available for the 2018-2019 school year due to scheduling issues. We are hopeful that we can get it back in the future.

    The 2016-2017 Slauson News Team and Yearbook Staff

  • About Mr. Coburn

    Before teaching, Kimball Coburn, Jr. attended University of the Pacific, majoring in Communication Arts. While in college he worked at NPR affiliate KUOP-FM in the Production Department. He wrote and recorded promos and commercials, as well as producing a weekly show and announcing on-air. After college, he dove into music (drummer) and recording. A few years later, he began to shift into teaching. While teaching Language Arts, it made sense that he would connect it with music and media. He left the classroom for four years to create and lead staff development for implementing technology in the classroom. During this time he also presented sessions at local and national educational conferences including CUE, TRLD, ASCD, and NECC/ISTE.

    Mr. Coburn returned to the classroom at Slauson to teach Language Arts but also headed to grad school where he completed a Master of Arts in Educational Multimedia. He currently teaches digital multimedia classes along with a leadership class. He is excited about the possibilities for deeper learning, creativity, and expression a program like this allows students.


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